Get more sleep!

Get more sleep!

4 weeks to a good night's rest

Back by popular demand!

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You’re tired of being tired. You can’t get to sleep at night. When you do finally get to sleep, you’re awake a few hours later for no reason. And waking up refreshed would only happen if someone poured a bucket of ice water on you when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Desperate for sleep?

Join kinesiologist Phillipa Huynh to reclaim your sleep in this 4 week program. Having taken part in a highly successful sleep study in 2015, Phillipa is equipped with hundreds of techniques to get your sleep back on track. But be quick! At just $360, places are strictly limited and must be booked before June 30.

Your Program

Week 1: Environment - Discover how your individual environment plays an important role in getting a good night's rest.

Week 2: Stress - Learn how to manage the stressors that are interfering with your sleep.

Week 3: Rituals - Together we will customise a nightly routine to stimulate the production of melatonin.

Week 4: Emotions - This week we will explore the emotional causes of your sleep disturbances.

I will monitor your progress throughout the program to ensure you are progressing well towards consistently great quality sleep. At the end of your program, you will walk away with a personalised plan to get you back to sleeping like a baby!

"I would really recommend Phillipa, she is relaxed and very easy to talk to. I was suffering from acute insomnia and we managed to work though a lot of things I didn’t even realise were causing me to not sleep. She gave me skills which not only helped me sleep again but which I can also use throughout my lifetime. Thanks again, Phillipa!" - Lauren

Each session will be 60 minutes and the program costs a total of only $360. Places for this program are strictly limited.

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Consultations available in
Park Orchards or in Thornbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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