About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a non-invasive complementary, natural therapy using biofeedback (muscle testing or listening to the body) to find and treat energy imbalances. Through gentle muscle testing techniques (such as gentle tapping, massage and acupressure), I pick up on your body’s reflex responses. I then use this information to develop an individual treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

  • Your unique treatment plan

    As your kinesiologist, I will develop an individualised treatment plan just for you. Drawing from a toolbox of natural, holistic techniques, your plan could include acupressure points, flower essences, principles of homeopathy, aromatherapy, lymphatic massage, meridian points, reiki, visualisation techniques and many more.

  • A triad of health

    Health isn’t just a physical state. Just like when you’re nervous and your heart starts racing and your stomach feels sick, emotions and mentality have a huge impact on how a person performs or feels. Similarly, benefits you feel when eating a diet that is just right for your requirements is elating and energising! One has to treat all components of the triad of health to be truly healthy, happy and energised. Kinesiology as a modality and myself as a practioner look at the triad of health, mental/emotional, nutritional and physical. Any of these components could be holding someone back from being their very best and achieving their goals.

  • Discover what’s getting in the way

    Kinesiology is not just for healing. Improvement at school, work, home, in sports, relationships or just achieving that goal to go to sleep every night at a reasonable hour are all valid goals that kinesiologists assist people with regularly. Kinesiology can discover what is stopping a person from achieving their goals and move through any emotional or physical blockages.

  • The body knows the answers

    The gentle art of muscle monitoring allows the kinesiologist to get feedback from a person’s body and really get to the bottom of an issue.

    Eczema, food intolerances, trauma, pain – all these issues and more have a root cause and the truly holistic nature of kinesiology means it can be found and resolved. Of all the natural therapies, kinesiology uses the body to determine which body system needs assistance to heal.

  • So how does it work?

    The simplest way to explain kinesiology is through examples. One simple example may be that a person feels tired after a 5km walk. We should feel energised after walking, not tired, so we can identify that this person has an imbalance of energy. The kinesiologist will muscle test to determine what the body requires to correct this imbalance. It may present that this person requires acupressure on one or more points on the feet. Talking through an associated emotion during the technique will allow us to discuss why this might be an ongoing issue for this person. Upon ‘clearing’ both the issue and the acupressure points, this person will find they are no longer tired walking 5km, but energised!

    Another simple example may be a person who has suffered from sciatica for many, many years and is currently managing the pain with painkiller medication. This person may ask their kinesiologist to remove the need for medication due to contraindications with other medication. The kinesiologist will use muscle testing to find the correct pain relief technique this person requires. It may result in the person tapping a particular point slowly whenever the pain presents which completely rids the person of this sciatica pain. The kinesiologist will teach the person how to rid their pain whenever they require it, so the person does not need to keep coming back for pain relief.

  • How can it help me?

    Unlike some other alternative therapists, kinesiologists do not diagnose disease. Instead, we determine what the body needs to allow it to heal itself or improve. With this in mind, there are any number of issues that kinesiology can assist with!

    Kinesiology can allow you to achieve a goal you might have, deal with an emotional trauma or relieve pain that you thought you’d just have to live with. Many clients have been amazed with the results after having lived in pain for many years.

    Some reported benefits after kinesiology treatments include:

    • reduced stress
    • pain relief
    • increased levels of concentration
    • more positive attitudes
    • higher self esteem
    • feeling happier
    • achieving goals
    • reduced dietary or gastrointestinal complaints
    • increased vitality
    • reduced confusion
    • improvement with learning difficulties
    • speedy injury recovery time
    • more awareness of individual nutritional requirements and sensitivities

    The list goes on. Kinesiology is geared towards YOU and YOUR unique requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to any aspect of your health which is why kinesiology simply works.

  • Anybody can benefit from kinesiology

    Anybody can benefit from kinesiology. Babies to seniors and everyone in between have been safely and effectively benefiting from this natural therapy. Children, in particular, are amazingly receptive to the benefits of kinesiology and often only need a single session to move through an issue.

  • What can I expect?

    At the start of a session, a brief client history is taken after which time the kinesiologist will discuss any relevant points and of course, why you are there. After the intention of the session is clear, you will remove your shoes and lie on a massage table and an arm muscle will be used to ‘test’ the body and gain feedback.

    The kinesiologist will test to make sure the arm muscle is a reliable muscle to work with and get accurate feedback from. Then the kinesiologist will set up a series of benchmarks from which we can measure progress. Once this is established, the kinesiologist will explain any relevant technique(s) used to clear blockages in your life preventing you from achieving what it is you came for. There may be discussions about emotions, but if you’re not comfortable with this, that’s quite ok, too. Just prior to the conclusion of the session, the benchmarks will be retested to appreciate and celebrate the progress made during the session.

    Most of the time, you will be given homework to ensure the blockages are completely removed and cleared. It’s important for you to discuss any issues you found completing homework to ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

  • What kinds of techniques?

    There are literally hundreds of techniques used, but your body knows exactly which one it needs as a priority in your session. Here are just a few:

    • stimulation of acupressure points
    • unblocking energy flow using the acupuncture meridan points
    • light massage of specific muscles
    • nutritional guidance (where a given food or food group is not agreeing with you at present)
    • nutritional support (food and/or supplements)
    • cross crawling (looks like marching on the spot!)
    • tapping on various parts of the body, such as EFT
    • emotional stress release
    • resolving mental sabotage programs
    • flower essences
    • affirmations
    • principles of homeopathy
    • guided meditation
    • reiki
    • energy balancing
    • crystal healing
    • chakra and auric field balancing
    • and many, many more!
  • I’m ready to give it a go!

    If you’re keen to get started making positive changes in your life, you can find me in the leafy north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Park Orchards (near Warrandyte, Donvale, Ringwood and Doncaster). I can also help you via Skype – from anywhere in the world. I would love you to get in contact with me to talk about how we can start your journey.

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Sometimes you need some help to get back on track. You might be questioning your purpose or finding yourself stressed, anxious. You may have suffered a loss and haven’t quite been able to find your way back. No matter the cause, Phillipa teaches you how to get your power back.

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