It should be obvious, especially to a kinesiologist (or likely any natural therapist), but when you ignore your body, you PAY for it. And for me, when I have been suppressing my issues for year on end, I really do PAY for it.

Through muscle testing (biofeedback, both on myself and by others for me), I have found my diet to be an important part of my recovery and healing. These are the things I need to avoid (note that as a kinesiologist, we wholeheartedly implore that every individual is different and no one thing is every suitable for every body):

  • Gluten (minimum 2 months)
  • Dairy (ongoing)
  • Sugar
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes
  • Minimal capsicums (or peppers as they’re named in other parts of the world)

Thursday night, after working all day and after a balance from my kinesiologist, I had my entire family staying with me and decided on making pancakes for dinner. So I went ahead and made 2 batches: 1 wheat flour with cows milk but no sugar/sweeteners and 1 with gluten free flour and almond milk with no sugar/sweeteners. Topped with lemon juice or savoury with left over roast chicken, they were yummo 🙂 After everyone had their fill, there was enough batter of the ‘regular’ batch left over for 1 more. As I was cooking, I could see the amazingly soft and stretchy ‘regular’ pancakes and thought I could allow myself to have just one. Just one. Against my better judgement, just one.

It was great. But it was short lived. Or so I thought.

That night, the skin crawling sensation was back and I itched and sweated all night long. I woke up red raw, 10 steps back in my healing which seemed to be going quite well at this point. I craved a bath, so I had a warm bath with apple cider vinegar and epsom salts which didn’t sting too much (so probably too diluted). But after I got out, I felt I’d gone backwards another 5 steps. I felt like my skin was stripped of any oils it had started to produce on it’s own (as I’m withdrawing from moisturiser as well). I was a ball of dead skin. Course, rough and tight.

So I’ve learned my lesson. No gluten for at least 2 months. It really wasn’t worth it.

Day 10

Day 10