Want to get rid of your eczema? Apart from Kinesiology, which can tell you what food sensitivities, environmental toxins and stressors are affecting your skin, a temporary solution is to visit the beach and bathe in the salt water and stand in the sun for a short time (no burning, that’s counter productive and dangerous). My dad always said the sea water cures eczema!

If you can manage this for a few days in a row, you’ll find your eczema should all but disappear! The problem being, of course, is that when you stop going, the same triggers will still be there, slowly resurfacing on your skin.

I recently took 12 day holiday and what a difference it made to my whole life! I came back a new person: energised, motivated, rested and interested in this beautiful life again. And as a result, my skin has been clear. If only I could keep my arms straight at all times, then the small patches in my elbow creases would go too!

If you need some help with narrowing down your triggers, give me a call and let’s get started. There’s no point using trial and error, it’s long winded, frustrating and sometimes even elimination diets can have you eating something that your body doesn’t agree with – trust me on that one! With kinesiology, a truly holistic natural therapy, you see for yourself what your body doesn’t like. It’s quick, simple and very effective.