My approach to healing envelops the whole triad of health – physical, nutritional and spiritual/emotional. Healing must occur on all levels to ensure the body has every chance to heal efficiently and thoroughly. It’s a complete journey, not a diet or skin regime.

NOTE: I stress that this is my documentation of my journey and not medical advice on any account and although I am a healer and a natural therapist, this is a story about MY body, every body is different.

I naturally gravitated to the nutritional when I encountered flare ups in the past and this last episode was no different. So supplementation was a good start. As I’m allergic to fish, I take a hefty amount of salmon oil daily combined with flaxseed oil and as many good quality oils as I can in my diet combined with plenty of nuts and seeds.

As previously stated, I also take vitamin e, b complex and d. It’s winter in Melbourne and the sun is pretty shy at the moment. However I also try to get out in it as much as possible, being winter sun, I last longer in the sun without damaging my currently overly sensitive skin.

Physically, I’ve withdrawn from moisturiser which is hard in some ways but actually quite relieving in others. It takes me no time at all to get ready at the moment! No makeup, no moisturiser (saving me a fortune, any idea how much moisturiser I’ve gone through?!), no bathing (just face washer wipe downs when I’m not working), life’s pretty easy in that regard! I’m now day 13 of moisturiser withdrawal and apart from the open sores, my skin is now starting to feel great. Well, great in comparison to how it was when I first started! I started using a spritzer spray with apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts and water, spraying it on trouble spots. But after 3 days, I was just red raw so I swapped to just Epsom salts and water. Much better.

Today I also was lucky enough to be near a clean beach so splashed sea water all over my torso which initially stung like hell, but after gently wiping myself down with fresh water on a face washer, I found amazing relief. To be repeated for sure!

Spirituality has always been my biggest challenge. But I’ve been meditating to some sound healing meditation music I found which I’m really embracing. I know this is my weak point, so I’ll be doing more work in this area. Along with my emotional work.

Emotionally it has already been a roller coaster of a ride! I might be day 13, but I’ve been going through these emotions since May 30th when the major flare first occurred. This is where my kinesiology has really been of most benefit. Facing the world with your problems on display is not the easiest of bridges to cross. You only have to read the forums here and here to see that people are actually taking time off work/study to get through this. But is it really necessary? Are we shying away from the world when we don’t need to? Why are people suffering through this withdrawal without support? This is why I decided to forget the 3.3-10 years of recovery, I want to be done in a few months. And I want to be able to work through this. It’s not a disability – well at least not in my case, anyway. I won’t let it be.

Day 13

Day 13