Things are still going great on day 116! I can now tolerate more in my diet, not nearly as sensitive right now. I can have some dried fruit, fresh fruit, a little sugar (I don’t eat refined sugar anyway), most nuts and I can rotate my gluten by eating it every 7 days. I’ve also reduced my supplements right down to only a few. Fantastic progress if I do say so myself! Except of course, I went a little far on the gluten front.

Out to celebrate the birthdays of my husband, a close friend and myself, I decided to go to town on gluten! Well that was a lesson I learned well! Too much too soon and I had a bit of a bad night! Ok, so not as bad as my previous bad, but I was itching and had to use some medication and a 2am salt bath to tone it down a little. My skin suffered a little for the next few weeks until I slowly got on top of it again. Interesting that the worst areas affected were my face and neck – the two places I’m quite self conscious about. But, more interestingly, it didn’t stop me going out for even a second. Definitely getting through to me that I’m worth this world, regardless of what I look like!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not ‘cured’. I still have scabby spots on the inside of my upper arms and my legs and generally still have sleeves and ‘pants’ that finish at my wrists and ankles, but it’s barely noticeable and I’m not concerned about it. No oozing. I even wore a knee length dress to work last Friday in hot weather! But that’s more of a sign of how much mental progress I’ve made as my skin is definitely scabby all over the inside of my right lower leg in particular. But I’ve got my lamp working hard for me (though less frequently than I should).

So my regime is much more relaxed and looks like this:

  • Dairy, pork and nightshade-free diet with minimal fruit and sugar/sweeteners such as coconut sugar
  • 30 second showers every other day, occasional himalayan salt bath (my dead sea salt supplier is out of stock). Even washing my hair about once every 1 or 2 weeks!
  • As much sun and/or bioptron lamp as possible (which is less than every other day right now)
  • Salmon oil
  • NAC
  • Vitamin D
  • MSM
  • Tre-en-en
  • Mucosa homeopathic (which seems to really help my asthma being off steroids)
  • Daily skin drink which is Udo’s oil + flaxseed oil + fresh lemon juice + lecithin + water <= enormous help with dryness
  • Self development has been another important step I’ve taken the last few months. Really getting on top of that!

So as long as I keep up with my diet and stay positive in my mindset, I find I’m travelling well 🙂

Day 104

Day 104 (after too much gluten, hence the redness & neck!)

Day 106

Day 106, using my bioptron lamp on my scabby legs!

Day 106

Day 106, extent of eczema on legs