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Stress and overwhelm have almost become a normal part of life. And to a point, a small amount of stress is good for us. It helps us to achieve tasks, pushes us to our potential and motivate us. It is when it gets out of hand that it becomes a problem.

You may already be at the point where the stress or overwhelm has manifested itself in the physical form: you may be suffering from brain fog, migraines or high blood pressure, insomnia, panic attacks or diabetes. Emotionally, stress can result in frequent bouts of frustration, mood swings, impatience or anxiety. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have a different approach to resolving stress and overwhelm to many other practitioners. Rather than put more stress and expectations on you to find time to meditate, relax or exercise, I help you to reflect on your life to this point. Where did the expectations you put on yourself come from? Why do you feel you need to do all these things? Why are you emotionally invested in all these outcomes? And why do you attach your happiness to some time in the future? These are the questions we will work together to explore.

Once you know your past patterning and the reason why you are the way you are now, we explore who you want to be. This is not as easy as it seems. Simply stating you want more time and you want to be happy is not what I ask of you. I ask you to be specific, really narrow down on the person who is in tune with your soul. Being entirely honest with yourself is the beginning of transformation.

Then, after you have narrowed down what you want, we set off to get you there. Most of the time we need to clear sabotage programs – blocks you have put up (usually sub-conciously) to stop you from getting where you want to be. So we work through these blocks and make a pathway to your ultimate destination.

This is a journey and you need to understand it is YOUR journey. You will need to work hard on yourself. My work is to facilitate your journey, ask you the tough questions and explore the unknown. It is imperative that you understand your part in our work together. It is very rare that I don’t give people homework after a session together. As much work goes on outside the session as does within.

If you are prepared to put in the hard work, I am here to assist you. I have put together some packages that will help you on your journey and I am happy to organise a free 20 minute introductory phone call with you so we can both determine if we are suited to working together. If we get our expectations of each other clear before we begin, your precious time will be well spent.

To organise a conversation about how I can help you, call or get in contact.


In addition to one on one consultations, I run various programs throughout the year that focus on particular issues that I find my clients struggle with. Each program is one-on-one and run for a limited time. Therefore bookings are essential as places can fill up fast. If you want more information, please click the link to read more and enquire about a place for you.

  • Initial Consultation
  • $130

    60 minute consultation
  • $115 with concession (children / students / not currently working)
  • Initial kinesiology consultation with full history
  • Book Now
  • Return Consultation
  • $110

    60 minute consultation
  • $95 with concession (children / students / not currently working)
  • Return kinesiology consultation
  • Book Now
  • Get more sleep!
  • $360

    4 week program
  • Four weeks to a good night’s rest
  • I guide you through a holistic investigation into why you aren’t sleeping and how we can move you towards that elusive night’s sleep.
  • Next program starts: TBA
  • More Info
  • Life on repeat?
  • $360

    4 week program
  • Rid yourself of toxic habits in 4 weeks
  • This program is geared towards finding the true sources of your bad habits and putting steps in place to be free of them.
  • Next program starts: TBA
  • More Info

Really happy with the process and the results. Phillipa made me feel comfortable in the session. I’m impressed with the results from just two sessions. Thanks Phillipa

- Nicole

It was so amazing to meet you today and completely pour my heart out to you. It felt good to get some of it out… I struggle every day trying to control my anxiety that trying to suppress the feelings that go with it is just making it harder for myself… Thank you so much again, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Today has been one of the best days I have had so far in the past 9 months or so… Look forward to seeing you soon.

- Sara

Thank you so much Phillipa, it was so great meeting you and I can’t thank you enough for what I took away from the session. I resonated strongly with everything you said and left feeling light – a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m blown away how incredibly insightful and accurate you were. Really looking forward to our next session, thanks again.

- Danielle

I feel so grateful to be able to work with you and the guidance you gave me the other night. I’m so fascinated about kinesiology and the session exceeded all my expectations. What a gift you have! I will implement my homework and continue to work with grounding energy. I can’t wait for the new experiences that may manifest from this and visit you again in the future for continual growth.

- Kate

What an amazing 2 hours of my life. Thanks Phillipa for an amazing experience. You are an angel on earth.

- Maria

I have been seeing Phillipa for almost a year and the difference she has made to my life is just amazing. I always walk away from our sessions feeling a renewed sense of who i am and what i need to do to achieve what I want. Phillipa is such a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to find peace and harmony in their lives.

- Alison

I had great experience doing the ‘Revitalise your gut’ program (with Naturopath, Erika Wiseman). Phillipa and Erika were fabulous. They are both attentive, caring and intuitive. I’d been to specialists and numerous other health experts but wasn’t given any advice on how to improve my symptoms. It felt like I (and my body) were being listened to properly for the first time and as a result realistic suggestions/changes were suggested. I feel significantly better since doing the programme and have a better sense of what my body needs and doesn’t want.

- Nellie

Thank you for your work with me, I feel the cocoons opening and releasing butterflies into the universe!!! Look forward to seeing you upon our return.

- Erica

Phillipa is an empath and used her intuition to accurately guide me to the emotions I needed to clear. The take home essence she additionally provided worked amazingly well. She creates a very calming and loving energy.

- Aarti

I would really recommend Phillipa, she is relaxed and very easy to talk to. I was suffering from acute insomnia and we managed to work though a lot of things I didn’t even realise were causing me to not sleep. She gave me skills which not only helped me sleep again but which I can also use throughout my lifetime. Thanks again, Phillipa!

- Lauren

There’s been some shifts in quite a few things for me over the last couple of weeks since our session. Namely because the session brought to light how much I’m standing in my own way! … I have felt different, sort of ‘lighter’ since and am making small changes to take care of myself, as per your suggestions.

- Anonymous

Phillipa is inspirational, authentic and keeps it real. A beautiful soul and wonderful kinesiologist who has helped me to shift my perceptions and make positive changes on many different levels. Highly recommend A+++

- Kristelle

I would like to thank your your time last week. I’ve never had an experience quite like it, but you made sure I felt supported and I can’t describe how much an hour with you helped me… Thanks again Phillipa, so grateful to have met you.

- Dani

I don’t go a month without getting a balance from Phillipa. She helps me make my goals clearer and I learn something new about myself every time. I’ve come a long way since I first started sessions! I would highly recommend Phillipa to others.

- Angelina

I highly recommend both Erika & Phillipa after completing their ‘Revitalise your gut’ program. I enjoyed the holistic approach of 2 specialists working together to produce the best treatment for me. I visited Phillipa & Erika separately over a course of 4 weeks. In between sessions they collaborated to develop a thorough & personalised plan which allowed me to gently make realistic changes to my diet & lifestyle. Thank you both.

- Jess
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Sometimes you need some help to get back on track. You might be questioning your purpose or finding yourself stressed, anxious. You may have suffered a loss and haven’t quite been able to find your way back. No matter the cause, Phillipa teaches you how to get your power back.

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