My husband and I have a weird habit. When we are arguing, as happens in most healthy relationships, we communicate better via text message. It’s strange, I know, and it doesn’t always mean the emotion is reduced, we just find it easier to… well, communicate. We find it easier to get things off our chest, we tend to articulate what we’re feeling easier than when we write, rather than when we speak. We’re not millennials, but we both have IT backgrounds, so I guess we have refined the art of ‘chatting’ online over the last 20-something years. There are others with whom I must verbally speak to in order to articulate what I’m feeling, where I cry it out over the phone or over a cuppa. My point is, everybody communicates differently, and it’s highly dependent on context.

I have almost completed my Lifeline Text training, where I will become a Crisis Supporter to those who are in crisis. (If you are in crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or visit Two interesting things have occurred to me about the program is that 1. there are many, many people who prefer to communicate via text; and 2. crisis support is limited to immediate, short-term support rather than longer-term support. Hence why my trial for WhatsApp consultations was born.

What are WhatsApp consultations?

WhatsApp is a mobile and desktop chatting app. A WhatsApp consultation will be a counselling/talk therapy consultation with me, purely via text messaging. The majority of the session will be a conversation, but here and there, I may allude to something that has tested up for you using kinesiology. I will be self-muscle testing to achieve this. Of course, you can request that I do not use kinesiology at all if you would prefer.

Anyone who has had a face to face session with me will know that most of my sessions are indeed talking through issues, problems and your values and beliefs. Text messaging sessions will largely follow the same format.

I will start with a discounted trial period, to make sure it works appropriately and effectively and the level of kinesiology I can bring into the session. I will ask all trial participants to provide feedback after their sessions.

Who will benefit?

  • Introverts can find it very daunting to talk about their inner world with strangers
  • Some people communicate better through the written word
  • Many find it easier to articulate what they want to say by writing it down first, editing, reading again then sending
  • Others do not have the physical space to have a phone conversation or Zoom call
  • Parents may have time while waiting for kids at a party or sports etc, where texting would be much easier than a phone conversation
  • Some people like to go over what came up in their session and with a texting service, it is there for you to read at your will (I can delete the record of our conversation from my end after the session)
  • Some are worried about interruptions
  • Others still are uncomfortable delving into deep emotions when they can be seen

And all of this is ok! We are all different and that is to be celebrated!

I have also seen and heard of the impacts of lockdowns on people of all walks of life. Children who feel extreme anxiety returning to school; teens who feel uncomfortable communicating in person. There are women suffering domestic violence, unable to leave their homes to attend appoints or talk on the phone for fear of retribution (please contact me if this is you or someone you know and you think I can help). This might be a good approach to reaching out to provide help through the challenges they’re facing.

Why WhatsApp?

Initially I was going to offer an sms service, but soon realised that sms’s are not encrypted (if you didn’t know already, my background is in corporate IT). But WhatsApp is (so is Telegram, so I’m offering Telegram as well and I actually prefer it as it’s not owned by Facebook, but more people have WhatsApp).


If you’re keen to try this for yourself, you can book here. Alternatively if you know someone who might benefit from it, please share this post with them.

Helping people is my life’s purpose. Teamed with my IT background, I think this is a great way for me to help more people – including introverts like myself – to overcome difficult situations and grow as humans.

Finally, if you are a practitioner who would like to join me in offering text consultations, please contact me, let’s chat!