At the end of 20 days, overall, I’m happy with my progress. There’s ups and downs and just when I think I’m getting on top of things, I wake up with a red raw neck. It seems to be my neck that’s the main drama. My face is just dry, my rash is out of control on my tummy and upper legs, but none of that is red raw.

However, I must celebrate the positives and keep myself motivated to continue on! Here are my first-20-days-wins:

  • No moisturiser, including my face, for 11 days and my skin is beginning to produce its own oils again! Whoo!
  • I’m no longer shedding as fiercely – the flakes are fewer and much finer now, not big and chunky like they were initially. I’m not about to sport a black top of ANY variety yet, but let’s just say total skin loss in a day, by volume, is about 75{b45efdd3eb7c0c4fff4c3ac26ec3bf28e8b0e1ac25bcedeef9395c9a618472f7} less.
  • I was lucky enough to bathe in the sea on the coast of WA for 4 days last week which made an incredible difference. My family were amazed at the difference!
  • I took a shower and washed my hair (and shaved my legs, oh my lord that was awesome) today and came out the other side not too bad! I spritzed myself with sea water afterwards which strangely seems to have a softening effect on my dry skin which is relieving.
  • My face is no longer red and inflamed, just dry except for 2 patches on my cheeks… random!
  • Open sores are down by about 30{b45efdd3eb7c0c4fff4c3ac26ec3bf28e8b0e1ac25bcedeef9395c9a618472f7} from previous peak.
  • My arms are really going great! The sores are much less and the skin is smooth and soft in the creases.
  • I have been fabulously strict with my diet and feeling proud rather than deprived
  • Best of all, I’m getting around in low cut tops and walking proud. I’m not bothered by how other people perceive me thanks to a weekend of kinesiology! Feeling rather balanced and at ease with my appearance.

I have a few other complaints, my lower back has started to flare mildly and like I said, my neck isn’t healing quite as fast as I’d anticipated given the support I’ve given myself. But all in all, I’m doing great!

I asked my teacher today to test if there was any homeopathy support I could benefit from and she tested me up for a remedy – looking forward to feeling the benefits of that! First dose today, next and last Saturday. Happy days!

These photos are just after my shower, so my skin looks more red than it actually is. Not bad for after a shower, really!

Day 20

Day 20