I’ve been doing a bit of discovering lately. Discovering who I am, why I have eczema and what I really need to do to clear it for good. Yes, I know everyone going through this will just say that time is the only thing to heal this, but I just know there’s more to it.

The 1500 strong fb support group is interestingly addictive. I’ve tried once or twice to actually stop reading the posts but it’s just too comforting, informing, infuriating and well, dramatic.

The interesting thing about these 1500 people who are going through or have gone through what I’m going through is that they all seem strangely similar. Everyone is headstrong. Which is fabulous! And you have to be to just get through this torture. But read into it a little more and everyone is…. angry. Rightly so, one might say, but these people are really angry. As am I. Another common theme is fear. We’re all fearful that it won’t actually work after 2 years of withdrawal, that we’ll flare continuously for 2 years or it will simply take 2 years of withdrawal. So what does this say about us?

I think it says we have work to do.

There’s a guy in this same group who seems to have the same line of thinking that I do. That work needs to be done on a spiritual and emotional level. And I think that most people either don’t realise this work needs to be done to truly heal, or won’t because it’s too hard.

Now that’s a pretty common theme in the world today and I’ve seen my fair share of clients who refuse to put the time and effort into themselves. I’m guilty of it myself – life is busy, time is hard to find and you know what? It’s bloody hard to face your fears and discover why your anger comes out on your skin. This journey has forced me into my corner. It’s sink or swim time. This time I choose to swim. Mostly out of necessity!

My meditation is leading me on an interesting path. It’s like each time I delve, I explore another aspect of my fear. It doesn’t always make sense, but I’m taking the first steps to really understand me and how I got to this point.

I choose to keep exploring. I choose to help myself. I choose to change for the better. And I choose to kick eczema and topical steroid withdrawal butt.