Last weekend I had the opportunity to receive my Level II Reiki Certificate from my colleague, very good friend and Reiki Master, Nicki Kuurman. What an amazing and empowering journey! And the timing couldn’t have been better – having just lost my mum and more recently my grandmother. The benefits are immediate, the technique is simple and most importantly the impact is powerful.

If you’ve never had treatment for your chakras or auric field before, you might find this a little daunting, but the best part about Reiki is the unknown! There’s no ‘real’ set way to practice, it’s really all about your intuition and letting your body guide you when treating yourself or a client. It has brought together all my previous knowledge of chakras, energy systems and crystals and deepened the awareness, understanding and appreciation I have for them. And of course reiki and kinesiology complement each other beautifully. Upon asking Nicki which she uses more, she replied ‘what’s the difference?!’ and I can see what she means.

Throughout the weekend, we practiced grounding meditation, self healing and learned some of the reiki symbols. Letting the energy guide us, we sought out where energy was lacking, where it flowed too fiercely and gently guided it back to balance with this wonderful natural therapy.

But by far the biggest highlight for me was feeling the presence of my mum right there with me and briefly hearing her voice. Knowing she is right there by my side, loving me, is the most comforting gift anyone could receive.