One beautiful soul who changed this world. Not through fame, not through fortune. You changed this world by being the change, teaching change. Seeing this world from a beautiful perspective, for all her wrongs and rights.

You taught me how to understand the bad days so I could appreciate the good. To be myself because everyone else was taken. That life is precious and about nothing but love and listening. And you taught me that death is a celebration of a life well lived.

A true gentleman – in the truest sense of the word – you taught me that men can be gentle, respectful and deeply spiritual. Well before your time, you opened up the world of spiritual awareness and development to me. You took up being my guide where my grandfather left off.

Like mum, you taught through your death. You opened up to the world most magnificently to touch our hearts when you knew you had to leave us. Your wisdom happily shared and your time always available. My only wish was that I took more of that time you offered rather than hiding in my grief.

Now I see you everywhere. You’re the man walking down the street. You’re the name on the shop I didn’t know I was looking at. The voice telling me that despite all the ugliness and pain in the world, the time for change has arrived.

The time for my change has arrived. Time for me to reflect on who I am, where I am going. Time for me to pause, sit and just feel for a while. Just like you taught me. Perhaps I too, can change the world by being one beautiful soul.

Miss you terribly.

In memory of my dear friend Dennis on what would have been his 61st birthday.