I’ve always maintained that the issue with excess weight is the emotional side of eating. Until we sort out these issues, we simply can’t expect the weight to shift. But recently, I’ve discovered Dr Susan Peirce Thompson and she has outlined the very reasons we find it difficult to lose weight – from a scientific perspective.

What’s more, she gives us solutions for real, permanent weight loss. And her 3 video’s are free for another month or so for you to watch. Free, absolutely free. And what’s more, she openly admits that she needs your email address to build a big list so she can reach the masses and take over the world!

If you’ve come across Dr. Thompson too late and missed out on the free videos, don’t fear, she has a blog full of amazing information.

But if you’re not, you can see the videos here: https://susanpt.leadpages.co/ff15-video2/

Settle in for a good hour and a half of viewing – but it’s SO worth it. Oh, and take notes as you go 😉

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be amazed at how spot on she is about the things you go through on a daily basis. And that’s because she’s been through it, losing almost 30 kilograms herself (and kept it off for over a decade) and knowing the impact of a bad relationship with food. It’s all there – just watch and see what comes of it!